Come One, Come All
To The League's
Activity Fair & Annual Meeting

This year's annual meeting and program is all about you, League members! We start with our annual meeting -- after getting a Mimosa, of course -- where we elect officers and executive board members, approve a budget and vote on a proposed program of action for the coming year. Information about these subjects is reprinted below from the March Voter. Even though we enjoy ourselves as we meet, members know the importance of this meeting where we organize for the coming year. Be there to cast your votes!

Next on the agenda will be our first Activity Fair, a concept thought up by President Kathy Winn to have some fun and expand member and guest awareness and civic skills. You'll move among tables where you can chat with LWVT study and action group leaders, become certified to register voters, learn what volunteering for outreach events entails, find out about voter services volunteering, and tell LWVT leaders what you want to do as a League member. Oh, and did we say there will be prizes?

All this fun will be followed by a buffet lunch. See the menu below.

TIME: 10:30AM - 1:00PM
LOCATION:     Capital City Country Club
1601 Golf Terrace Drive
MENU: Southern fried chicken or stuffed manicotti, salad bar, vegetables, rolls and butter, coffee and tea
COST: Members - $17      Nonmembers - $20

The first three student members to RSVP eat FREE!

FOR RESERVATIONS please call 309-3005 and leave a message or email

***Because the League must pay for reservations cancelled after Wednesday, April 15, those who cancel late should reimburse the League for the cost of their reservations.***
 Nine Reasons to Join Today!

LWVF is on the move, and your voice is needed to keep up the fight for a better Florida!

Here’s a brief list of the League's most recent accomplishments:

1. Participated in a lawsuit that blocked the state of Florida's attempts to illegally purge registered voters 90 days before an election.

2. Reduced gerrymandering by leading the charge for the Fair Districts amendments, which finally set clear rules for drawing political districts, and were voted into the Florida Constitution by 63% of voters.

3. Eliminated roadblocks to voting by demanding that the Legislature reinstate early voting days and the Sunday before Election Day, following the incredible delays, including 8-hour long lines in Miami, that voters faced during Election Day 2012.

4. Struck down unconstitutional restrictions on voter registration via a precedent-setting victory in U.S. federal court.

5. Helped place Florida's Water and Land Legacy Amendment on the November 2014 general election ballot; our members collected over 25,000 signed petitions throughout the state of Florida.

6. Lead the push for SUNRAIL -- Central Florida's new commuter rail network.

7. Initiated curbside recycling in St. Petersburg, as well as permission for citizens to speak in Orange County Commission meetings.

8. Successfully persuaded Florida voters to defeat 9 out of 11 amendments on the 2012 ballot, many of which would have severely eroded the rights of citizens and/or de-funded local governments.

9. Worked with statewide environmental groups to successfully pressure the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to halt the sale of state-owned conservation lands.


Want to keep up to date on education issues around the country? The LWVUS Education Team recently launched a blog to promote the exchange of information on school reform. The site houses fact-based studies and posts with reference citations that contribute to a better understanding of different points of view about school choice issues. Florida's very own Sue M. Legg, Ph.D. heads up the blog.

Subscribe to the Education Issues blog at We welcome participation from both members and nonmembers.

Join us at our monthly Hot Topic Event to hear a speaker discuss timely issues and enjoy a meal together.

4th Wednesday of every month (except June/July)

Dates, times, location and speakers are announced right here!
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