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Membership Committees play an important role in keeping the League of Women Voters the most effective and respected grassroots organization in the country.

For over 100 years the League’s Membership Committees have successfully sought passionate activists who volunteer in all 50 states and in more than 700 communities; we have about 500 such activists and supporters here in our local League.

Committee Members come from varied backgrounds: for example, Research & Development, Marketing and Sales, Planning, Technology, Education and Administration.  A Membership Committee relies on skills from all those career paths along with heavy doses of creativity! 

Bringing new Members into the League involves leveraging existing relationships with individuals, communities, and other organizations – sometimes talking to someone at the right time.  But this is just the first step.  Retaining those members involves helping to uncover and engage their passions, recommend League activities to identify and develop leaders, and keep members knowledgeable and informed of historical facts and current events. 

To successfully complete our tasks, we often work closely with our local Board of Directors, our President and Treasurer, and our Communications Chair.  Roster Management involves updating information in the National League database and working with the State of Florida Executive Director to assure accuracy of member information.  All Membership activities and projects are filtered through the National League’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) lens.

Please join us on our exciting mission to grow and maintain a dynamic and influential membership base that is truly reflective of the communities we serve.  

Christine Cobble, Chair

Membership Committee

For more information/questions or to volunteer, contact Membership Roster Manager, Peggy Ramsey.

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Voting Rights

For 100+ years LWV has promoted enfranchisement (the right to vote) and waged battles against all instances of voter suppression or disenfranchisement:

  • Successfully blocked illegal purges of registered voters 90 days before an election.

  • Worked to restore, via Citizen Amendment, voting rights to persons who completed sentences for felony convictions; sued the State of Florida to implement amendment.

  • Successfully sued to allow for early voting locations on college campuses.

  • Denounced and filed suit against 2021 voter suppression legislation (pending).


Fair Districts

  • Championed Fair Districts Amendments to the Florida Constitution to restrict partisan gerrymandering.


Good Government

  • Campaigned successfully for the Ethics Reform Amendment to the Tallahassee City Charter.



  • Advocated for public funds going to public schools rather than to private or religious schools that lack standards and accountability.

  • Released a 2021 report exposing the private organization behind the growing school voucher program.

Gun Safety

  • Formed a coalition, reorganized in 2021 as Prevent Gun Violence Florida.

  • Prevented guns in airports, on college campuses, and in government meetings.

  • Prevented open carry for concealed weapons permit holders.

Saving the Environment

  • Helped pass the Water and Land Legacy Amendment.

  • Successfully advocated for local adoption of a reduced Plastics Policy.

  • Successfully advocated for local adoption of a Green Building Policy.

  • Advocated for the construction of Tallahassee’s city-owned Solar Farms.


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