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The League of Women Voters is an organization that is fully committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in principle and when conducting all activities necessary for carrying out the priorities and programs adopted below.


The League of Women Voters Tallahassee (LWVT) Board of Directors recommends the following 2024-25 Program for adoption by the members:


  • Provide voter education and registration services

  • Promote and support an open local government and school board that are responsive to the community and environment

  • Educate and advocate for League positions in the interest of the community


Voter Services

Provide voter registration assistance to the public at all available opportunities, including First Fridays, the Downtown Market, cultural festivals, and high school, college, and university campus events.  Participate in planning and executing Mission 1313 and Returning Citizen voter registration and education projects.  Provide content relating to local candidates.  In tandem with LWVFL, monitor, analyze, and incorporate election law changes into LWVT processes. Educate the public on laws relating to voter registration, voting by mail, local, state, and federal elections, voter rights, and LWVFL positions on policy issues.  Work with the Leon County Supervisor of Elections to advance free and fair elections and increase voter turnout in communities with historically low voter turnouts.  Support citizen initiative petitions approved by the LWVFL.  

Ethical Government  (contingent upon finding a Chair or Board Liasson by 4/27/2024)

Support and monitor the work of the local Ethics Commission.  Hold public officials to high ethical standards.

Local Government

Engage with local elected and appointed officials and staff in order to be informed of issues related to our local League programs.  Learn and share information relevant to our members by monitoring Tallahassee City Commission, Leon County Commission, and Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency agendas and minutes to be alerted to evolving issues.  Follow the current city and county land use and zoning planning criteria to determine the impact on quality of life in Leon County.  During election years, sponsor the local government candidate forums. 


Lobby Corps

Support LWVFL’s advocacy and lobbying efforts at the Florida Capitol during the annual Florida General Session, and help initiate and support year round advocacy with local agencies, associations, coalitions, and officials, including the Leon County state delegation in furtherance of League mission, vision, values, and this Program.


Preserve and protect public education.  Support the Leon County School Board’s efforts to assure equity in funding and accountability between traditional public schools, charter schools, and private schools receiving vouchers.  Monitor the proceedings of the Children’s Services Council.

Health Care

Advocate for expanding access to affordable and efficient universal coverage.  Support Medicaid expansion and proposed legislation expanding access to health care, mental health, substance abuse and dental care services.  Advocate for continued county planning and funding for health care services for the uninsured and initiatives such as mental health courts and crisis intervention training.  Support women’s reproductive rights and access to women’s health services.  Support initiatives to reduce disparities in health outcomes for minorities.


Natural Resources and Clean Energy

Monitor and support local and regional policies and initiatives that are aimed at preserving the environment and promoting long term sustainability.  Educate League members and the community with respect to protecting our local land and water resources and how we can do our part to ameliorate climate change.  

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