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Public Education

The Public Education Group plans programs and activities to support public education in local schools. The League of Women Voters believes a high-quality public education system is essential to a fully functioning democracy.


The group plans an annual Hot Topics program to inform the public about education issues. Past programs have included a debate on the pros and cons of school choice and high stakes testing, panel discussions on the re-segregation taking place in Leon County schools, strategies to help low-performing schools, as well as hosting a speaker to explain the proposed Children’s Services Council which appeared on the 2020 ballot.


The Public Education Group also supports the Florida League’s legislative priorities. We undertook a research project and produced a report about the Legislature’s expanded school voucher program and the influence of Step Up for Students, a huge private organization managing and promoting the voucher program that funnels public money to private and religious schools with no transparency or accountability.


Please join us as we continue to monitor the newly formed Children’s Services Council, and consider activities to further our mission to support public education.

For questions and suggestions or to volunteer, please contact the Public Education Chair.

Marianne Arbulu

Public Education

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