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Bylaws Changes Explained

  1. Wording changes to better align Article II Purpose and Policy with LWVUS ByLaws

  2. Changes to Article III Membership to align LWVT bylaws with upcoming membership changes effective with the ChapterSpot implementation in January 2025.  Types of membership must be consistent, so we added Associate Members as a member category.  

  3. Changes to Article IV Officers to reestablish a 1st and 2nd Vice President for better succession planning.

  4. Changes to Article VI Financial Administration. The majority of changes to align with ChapterSpot implementation are in Article VI. ChapterSpot will automatically deposit dues to the LWVT, LWVFL, and LWVUS accounts according to a revenue-sharing formula; no further need for Per Member Payments by locals to state and national. 

a. Language changes were made to specify that the amount of dues, payment, and non-payment will all fall under LWVUS purview.

b. Renewal dates will be on a rolling cycle rather than fiscal year.


5.  Changes to Article VIII Nominations & Elections to change the Nominating Committee to elected rather than appointed position with a one-year term effective May 1.


Conforming changes are currently being made to all of our League documents.

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