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Graceanne Hoback

A native to Land O’ Lakes, Florida, Graceanne Hoback has made the move to the capital city of Tallahassee in pursuit of her bachelor’s degree in both Political Science and Sociology at Florida State University. Upon becoming a Florida State Student, Graceanne recognized the opportunities on both the Florida State campus and in the Tallahassee community to help target inequity and inequality in the classroom and at the voting booth.

In her two years in the position as the President of the Student PIRGs (Public Interest Research Group) at FSU from 2022-2024, Graceanne was able to be at the forefront of issues such as: fighting to make college course materials more accessible and affordable, ensuring college students are registered to vote and going to the polls, and reworking the institutional structures that promote food insecurity among college students. Through these initiatives, Graceanne has served to educate policymakers on the student experience, connect with the community about their needs, and ultimately gain an appreciation of the great work being done by partner organizations like the League of Women Voters of Tallahassee. Through the years, the League of Women Voters of Tallahassee and Student PIRGs have solidified a partnership not only oriented around voter services but also considerate of utilizing the passions and knowledge of Tallahassee students in all of the league’s committees.


Upon assuming her role as a Director on the League’s board, Graceanne wanted to emphasize the importance of making opportunities to integrate student members to the longstanding organization. The reasons inspiring Graceanne’s efforts to expand the League’s mission to students being; the resources the League has to educate voters, the passion they have for reproductive rights, their sophisticated mechanisms of policy influence, and the impressive networking opportunities they behold. Graceanne plans to spend her ‘24-’25 term on the League’s board continuing to facilitate and grow the mentorship program, connecting League members with student League members aspiring to enter a similar career field. She also plans to continue to serve as a connecting piece between passionate Florida State student organizations, students, and FSU administration with the League’s opportunities to be active in educating voters, encouraging environmentally friendly policies, and securing reproductive rights in Florida. 

 In her time at Florida State, Graceanne is also engaged in researching solutions to educational disparities to complement her activism and advocacy. Beyond her time on campus, Graceanne values the time she is able to spend with the horseback riding community, the bodybuilding community, and her wonderful family and friends.

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