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Mission:  Empowering voters. Defending democracy.

Vision:  We envision a democracy where every person has the desire, the right, the knowledge and the confidence to participate.

Value:  We believe in the power of women to create a more perfect democracy.

February Hot Topic

Maternal Health

It will be completely FREE to all attendees!!!


And it will be a lunch in a lovely venue, new to most of us. It will be in the Maguire Center of Westminster Oaks, located at 1221 Commencement Cove, off Meandering Way. The date is February 23rd and the time is 11:00 a.m.



Wistminster Oaks.jpg

Westminster Oaks has offered this to us, asking only that we listen to a brief promotional presentation of the benefits of living in this continuing care community. Our book club is already taking advantage of one of the benefits—free meeting space!


Severe maternal health effects and even deaths from complications during pregnancy are on the rise in Leon County. Learn how the Capital Area Healthy Start Coalition plans to address the problem during a presentation by Executive Director Chris Szorcsik.


Please sign up here so we can get an accurate head count.


We will have more details about the menu soon.

How to get there:

From Dempsey Mayo, turn into Westminster Oaks on Meandering Way. Follow Meandering Way about .3 of a mile, then turn left on Commencement Cove. The Maguire Center will be on your right. Parking will be across Commencement Cove and on your left at the pool house or the parking garage. Park in any space that is not numbered. There is a parking lot on your right just beyond the entrance to the Maguire Center.

WO map.jpg

Empowering Voters, Defending Democracy

Announcing a Get-Out-the-Vote Video Contest

For High School Students!


For decades, the League of Women Voters has invested in critical voter registration and turnout efforts in their communities. To that effort, the League recognizes the value of informed civic engagement, including the participation of young soon-to-be voters in our electoral process. We know that youth are passionate about preserving our democratic system of governance and getting their voices heard at home and in their communities. 


To support our Leon County youths’ growth into informed citizens and participate actively in the elections process, we are excited to announce a “Get out the Vote” video contest for all high school students in Leon County, including those enrolled in traditional, charter, and private schools, as well as those who are home schooled. As part of the contest, students will produce a public service video that engages viewers to learn about the voting process, the importance of voting, and how every vote can make a difference. We will engage with students and advisors at every stage of the competition. The top videos will be used by the League in voter turnout events.  

If you believe, as we do, in the importance of youth voting participation, we ask that you contribute to the $2,000 funding goal of this project. Funds will be used to promote the competition and support the students throughout the contest. Any amount you can donate is appreciated. We thank you for considering this worthwhile youth project that promotes civic engagement in the great community of Tallahassee, Florida.

Checks may be mailed to Video Contest, C/O Tallahassee League of Women Voters, 1400 Village Square Blvd., Ste. 3 Box 115, Tallahassee FL 32312-1231. Please note on your check that it is for the video contest. Or you may donate using this button:


The Weekly Voter Newsletter

The League of Women Voters of  Tallahassee publishes a weekly newsletter. It is sent to members via email, as well as to interested individuals, local groups and friends of the League.

Read the latest issue and others . . .

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Latest State News (LWV of Florida NEWSROOM)


Jun 9, 2023

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – On June 8, the Supreme Court of the United States upheld in Allen v. Milligan a lower court ruling that Alabama must create a second . . . READ MORE





Elections & Voting Rights Activities


Voting in local, state, and national elections is fundamental to our democracy.  Following the proper procedures for registering and voting ensures that everyone’s vote is counted, and all voices are heard.


With over 100 years’ experience in non-partisan grassroots elections and voting rights, communities count on the League’s presence during every election, and we do not disappoint.  Since the leaders we elect make the decisions that affect us, our families, our jobs, healthcare, energy costs, education and more, not only do we help the citizenry register to vote, but we also provide key dates, any requirements for voting, and information about candidates (from questionnaires to each candidate) to help make informed choices in the voting booth.   


Year-round the LWV Tallahassee (LWVT) updates voter registrations, and registers new voters at venues and events that attract high foot traffic: for example downtown markets, churches, high schools, college campuses, and sporting events.  In advance of any field work, our Voter Advocates receive training and certification through the state league.  In addition LWVT works collaboratively with the Leon County Supervisor of Elections office to assure accurate information is relayed. 


As elections draw near, LWVT increases community outreach and collaborates with other non-profits to hold educational forums and town halls to Get Out the Vote.  We provide non-partisan platforms for candidates to speak directly to the public.  For example, a nationwide LWV platform that documents candidate responses to questionnaires; and our very successful candidate forums held at WFSU studios and streamed live through WFSU Media.  Content is recorded for future viewing through a collaboration with the Tallahassee Democrat and WFSU Media.   

We support returning and NEW citizens.  Our state League has access to trained attorneys to assist returning citizens in navigating the complexities of various laws.  We make contact information available at all events and also support our partner organization Florida Rights Restoration Coalition. We prepare and deliver materials to our Federal Court System to include in New Citizen packets. 


2024 is a Presidential Election Year and LWVT will be highly visible empowering voters and defending democracy.  Key dates include:


  • March 19, 2024 - Presidential Preference Primary Election Day

  • August 20, 2024 - Primary Election Day

  • November 5, 2024 - General Election


For up to date information about early voting, vote by mail, and election worker information, visit

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