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The Tallahassee League recognized National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday, September 28, by launching its “Mission 1313: Be a Voter!” campaign during a news conference at the Smith-Williams Service Center.

Tallahassee League President Sally Butzin announced the effort to increase voter turnout in historically low turnout precincts in Leon County. The campaign will start in Precinct 1313, located to the south and west of Florida A & M University. The Smith-Williams Service Center is currently the precinct’s polling place.


Surrounded by League members and community leaders, President Butzin pushed back on voting restrictions enacted by the Florida Legislature in May. These include limiting the number of vote-by-mail ballots voters can return per election, and requiring third-party voter registration organizations to read disclaimers that discourage voters from using the organizations’ services. 


Butzin said the restrictions can be overcome and told the crowd, “Don’t be a victim. Be a voter!” Other speakers included President Talethia Edwards of the Greater Bond Neighborhood Association; Reverend Val Grissom, Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church Associate Pastor; and Barry Munroe, Chair of the League’s Mission 1313 Committee. Donna Austin, Margaret Boeth, Susan Caplowe, Darwin Gamble, and Barbara Licht also serve on the committee.


The next steps include implementing voter outreach activities such as distributing door hangers and yard signs, mailing postcards, and advertising on bus stop benches.


Darwin Gamble

Join us at the next Mission 1313: Be a Voter event!  Contact Barry Munroe

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