Study & Action Groups

LWV members advocate for positions on issues taken by the national, state and local League. Positions are adopted only after careful study and a consensus seeking process. In LWV Tallahassee, members interested in a particular topic form a group to study, advocate for and take action on League positions.

All members are invited to participate in the four current study and action groups. Just contact the chair to find out about the next meeting of the group.



Linda Lee, Chair,

2018-19 Program:

Educate League members and the community on climate and environmental sustainability issues. Work to promote local and regional changes to ameliorate climate change and enhance long-term sustainability


Kathy Winn, Chair,, meeting times and dates vary.

2018-19 Program:

Support, monitor, and take action for ongoing national, state, and local physical and mental health care policies with educational and legislative initiatives that promote socio-economic, racial, ethnic, age and disability equity in accessing affordable, quality health care for all and control of costs. Provide information concerning the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Advocate for the expansion of Florida's Medicaid Program. Support funding for providers of health care for the uninsured and initiatives to prevent infant mortality and food insecurity. Support accreditation of local hospitals and birthing centers as Baby Friendly.


Chair: Danielle H. Irwin,

2018-19 Program:

Engage with elected and appointed officials and staff members of local governmental entities in order to be informed of and investigate issues related to the League program that are of interest to members. Monitor City of Tallahassee and Leon County Commission agendas and minutes to be alert to evolving issues and to promote efficient and responsible local governments. Participate in related state and national League studies.


Sally Butzin, Chair,

2018-19 Program of Action

Support the Leon County School Board’s efforts to assure equity in funding and accountability between traditional public schools, charter schools, and private schools receiving vouchers. Monitor and educate the public on the re-segregation of Leon County Schools.



  • Assures consistency across communication platforms in all formats

  • Manages electronic and paper publications and membership-wide electronic messages, except those managed by Voter Services

  • Coordinates requests to send member-wide communications, assures presidential approval and sends approved communications

  • Initiates use of new forms of social media as appropriate to LWVT needs after seeking Board approval

  • Understands use of and at least one committee member is able to use all online services and technologies used for communication


  • Implements the LWVT New Member Welcome Process

  • Assures currency and accuracy of the New Member Handbook

  • Presents a quarterly new member orientation

  • Takes leadership in recruitment and retention of members through a variety of strategies

  • Encourages member participation in LWVT activities and events to assure a continuing stream of informed and experienced leaders


  • Plans and delivers services to assist local voters

  • Coordinates activities with the Leon County Supervisor of Elections Office

  • Produces electronic and paper publications related to elections and elected officials

  • Manages and participates in voter outreach and education during election years

  • Coordinates LWVT participation in voter registration


The Voter newsletter   (electronic and printer issues every month except June and July)

Editor: Stuart Baker

Proofreader: Jan RuBino

  • Editor solicits articles from President, Study and Action Chairs, for feature articles and regular columns

  • Editor develops electronic version in Constant Contact (online communication service)

  • Proofreader assures correct spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • Editor produces print version for printing

Membership Database

Database Manager: Stuart Baker

Treasurer:  Peggy Ball

  • Treasurer receives dues and member information and sends to Local Roster Manager

  • Local Roster Manager: Peggy Ramsey

    • Maintains database of member information and interests

    • Periodically retrieves from information from Interests & Activities forms to add to database

    • Informs appropriate person(s) of member’s interests


              Webmaster: Erin Edwards

Communications Committee

  • Webmaster updates content independently and as requested by LWVT leadership for both and websites

  • Communications Committee reviews content of periodically for needed updates and additions

  • Voter Services provides content for

Downtown Market (from March through November)  & Other Outreach

Outreach Coordinator – Margaret Boeth

  • Identifies and brings to president and/or Board for approval other outreach opportunities; finds volunteers to staff such opportunities

    • Downtown Market Coordinator: Margaret Boeth

      • Manages outreach supplies/ boxes, table and chairs

      • Assures outreach materials are up-to-date and sufficient in number

      • Trains new volunteers as needed

      • Assures an adequate number of certified voter registration volunteers are available

      • Assures timely turning in of voter registration forms to Supervisor of Elections office

Ad Hoc Working Groups

 “Know Your Public Officials” Publication (works in November-January; every two years)

  • Published in digital and print versions: Digital editor – Stuart Baker, Print editor – Marilynn Wills

  • President seeks volunteers to update information on elected officials

  • Secures underwriting for printing (e.g., Leon County Supervisor of Elections)

  • Coordinates distribution to public by Board members

Lobby Corps (works just before and during the Florida legislative session; annual)

  • Leader(s) appointed by president; leader(s) solicit volunteers

  • Volunteers trained

  • Volunteers assist state League lobbyist as requested to track legislation, attend legislative committee meetings, etc.

State Legislative Interviews (works before Florida Legislative session begins; annual)

  • Leader(s) appointed by president; leader(s) solicit volunteers

  • Interviews local legislative delegation, first developing and sending to legislators questions that will be asked during the interviews.