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As a former program administrator with the State, I had the opportunity to see how elected officials and the people who work for the government can affect people’s lives. I also witnessed first hand the influence of the League of Women Voters as they advocated for issues related to voting and inclusive and ethical government. I support the League of Women Voters because I believe that everyone should have a say in decisions that affect their lives. The League provides avenues for people to influence public officials at the local, state and national level by voting, becoming educated on issues, and advocating when decisions affect people’s lives. I enjoy participating in League activities like manning a table at the Downtown Market and following proposed legislation as a Lobby Corps member.  As Secretary of the Board, I take seriously the responsibility to accurately report decisions made on behalf of the members. The League’s work is particularly challenging right now, as we must try to figure out how to reach people without being able to contact them in person. There is room for everyone to participate and a lot to do, especially during an election year when we work to encourage people to vote and provide information that helps them to make informed choices.

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